August 27, 2018

Meet Brent

By Tom Jorgenson

For Brent, it is service to others that brings him the most joy. From his young days as an Eagle Scout to mentoring cancer survivors through the Livestrong Rehab Program, Brent truly understands the importance of lending a helping hand to others.

Brent’s Exercise Science Professor once stated, “I want you all to remember that you are teachers. You may not have a teaching degree, you may not have come to this school to be a teacher. But, now that you have learned about exercise science, it is your responsibility to pass on your knowledge to others.” That quote has forever stuck with Brent and has guided him to the field of group fitness. “I am enthusiastic and excited whenever I teach because I get the opportunity to pass on what I have learned. Watching individuals learn and grow is incredibly rewarding. Wherever life has taken you, it is never too late to learn. Hope to see you in class!”

“Service to others, there’s no higher purpose”

-          The Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman


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