May 29, 2018

Meet Alex

By Tom Jorgenson

Alex loves working his strength class students to their full potential.  Knowing he wanted to be a trainer after high school he majored in Group and personal training to specifically bring out the mental and physical strengths of his students. He’s passionate about his classes and the same goes for his students and peers.   When he’s not training he’s spending time with his two dogs as well as exploring as many national parks as he can. Drop into one of his strength classes and he’ll gladly share his adventures with you before and after class.

I love working with people, no matter their mood or their outlook on life, me, or anything else. I try my best to put a smile on a person’s face.  I always look to add interesting and out-there exercises that keeps the member/student interested and on their toes. It’s so much fun to learn something new and have that feeling of confusion but excitement. Outside of working out my life consists of my dogs, Oliver and Maisy. I take them hiking with me and my girlfriend when she isn’t working her passion as a nurse. I love biking, fishing, going to my cabin, spending time with my friends, cooking new and….not always healthy, 🙂  recipes, and working with my hands from putting in my own fence to laying down my own flooring in my house.

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