August 29, 2017

Laughter Yoga


"I always leave feeling better. It's fun to laugh and be creative. Sessions that have themes have been especially fun!"

What is it?

Participants experience a fun combination of stretching, breathing, and laughter exercises. Rekindle the childlike playfulness within you and reap the many health benefits that laughter has to offer! This class is open to all DAHLC eligible members. No experience is necessary. Check out the video below from one of our Laughter Yoga classes:
*Edit: The class is held in room SL 200

Why should I try it?

There are incredible physical and mental benefits from laughter, such as improved breathing & blood flow, pain reduction and calorie burning! Laughter helps increase creativity, happiness and confidence and reduces stress. Laughter Yoga is a delightful way to promote health! Laughter Yoga is an offering at the DAHLC and a good way to purposefully laugh.  The session begins with playful exercises and progresses to spontaneous laughter.  You'll leave after this half-hour class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!

Hear What Previous Participants Are Saying...

"It’s harder to incorporate laughter into my life since I live alone, but I will laugh heartily whenever I meet one of my laughter friends."

"I love to go to the class and never know where it will go, but I always have fun. "

"After each class, I immediately feel invigorated, happy, and ready to tackle the rest of the day."

How do I sign up?

There's no need to! Laughter Yoga is one of our drop-in classes we offer every Friday from 12:15-12:45 pm. Contact with any questions. See you there!




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