March 29, 2017

Member Portal FAQs


The Member Portal allows you to register for various offerings that are available to you as a Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center member. This include: HydroMassages, Basics classes, free offerings, pre-paid massage appointments and pre-paid private appointments. In the portal, you also can view upcoming offerings, your upcoming and past appointments, facility usage, receipts & more.

Click here to create your Member Portal account. Here is the information you will need to provide when creating your account:


  • Your ID# = Your PersonID found on the back of your Mayo Clinic issued badge (if you do not have a Mayo Clinic badge, please email DAHLC ( or call 507-266-4688 & we will activate your account)
  • Last Name = your last name that displays when you swipe in
  • Email = your email address we have on file (the one where you receive DAHLC emails)

Here are frequently asked questions about using the Member Portal.

  1. What’s the difference between Scheduler and Book Appointment?
    • Scheduler: this is a list of all our offerings for programs, workshops, events, etc. You can register for our free offerings, but will need to call or stop by the front desk to pay for our specialty offerings. Registration can happen while talking to the front desk or, once you have paid, you can book using the Member Portal.
    • Book Appointments: this is our individual offerings, including: HydroMassage, basics classes, pre-paid massage and pre-paid private instructions.
  2. Why is a service pre-paid? Before you can schedule any of our fee-based offerings, you need to pay for it first. Once you have paid for the service, you can go ahead and book using the member portal. Ex: If you know you will book massages in the future, call the front desk, purchase the amount of massages you would like, then, when it's convenient to you, you can use the member portal to find a day and time that work for you!
  3. When I select a class on the Scheduler it says I can’t register. Why? There may be a couple reasons for this. Be sure that offering hasn't already started. You can look ahead and register for our offerings two weeks prior to the start date shown. Or, if there is a fee associated to the offering, you will need to call or stop by the front desk to pay. Registration can happen while talking to the front desk or, once you have paid, you can book using the Member Portal.
  4. Why can't I pay online? Currently, Mayo Clinic does not allow online pay, but you can call or stop by the front desk and we'll be happy to help you.
  5. Why do my agreement start and end dates look funny? For members that use the on-going payroll deduction payment method, the end date reflects the first billing period (which can be several years old). Since there is no “end date” to the contract it is just displaying the first obligation date of the agreement (very confusing!). The start date reflects the date we imported your membership into our new system. This is something we are working to correct.
  6. In 'My Transactions', it looks like I pay the full membership amount each month but I think I’m getting a discount? Great question! All members are billed the full amount ($14.31 for payroll deduction and $93 for pre-pay) and your incentive discount is applied to the invoice. Once you click on the invoice (blue link in the transactions log), you can see your discount earned and what amount was collected.
  7. Why is my HydroMassage appointment showing in “Past Appointments” and not “Upcoming Appointments”?  This is something we are working to correct. When the system determines if an appointment is past or upcoming, it is calculating based on the Eastern Time Zone (1 hour ahead of Central Time Zone).
  8. Why is the system slow to respond? Please be patient while the system loads information pertinent to your appointment or available offerings. Depending on internet browser speed and system details to load, it may take 3-5 seconds to load the page and/or respond to inputs.

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