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March 1, 2017

Introducing Our Principles


The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center's mission is to improve the health and well-being of Mayo Clinic employees, retirees, volunteers & their spouses by implementing effective wellness, practice, education and research strategies. Our vision is to be a global leader in wellness and we promise to provide a welcoming experience through quality service in a safe and supportive manner.

To uphold our mission and to best align with Mayo Clinic's culture of values, we have four principles to support a welcoming environment for all members. Click here to view the member handbook.

COMPASSION for each other. We want to show compassion to one another by the way we conduct ourselves in matters of clothing, language, helpfulness and generosity. Please consider each other and practice courtesy at all times. Here are ways we can practice this principle:

  1. Clothing should be appropriate for physical activity and provide substantial coverage of the torso. Read more.
  2. Share equipment with other members when performing multiple sets.
  3. Be considerate with aerosol sprays and other fragrances.

RESPECT for our facility. We take pride in this facility and all of its offerings. Here are ways we can practice this principle:

  1. Clean all equipment after use with the provided wipes.
  2. Place used towels in proper bins.
  3. Shower with soap before entering pool, whirlpool or steam room.

Your SAFETY is essential. We consider safety at all times and avoid unsafe or unhygienic practices, whether in the locker rooms, whirlpool/steam room areas or the fitness floor. Here are ways we can practice this principle:

  1. Avoid entering the fitness floor or studios with dirty or wet footwear.
  2. Avoid shaving in the steam rooms.
  3. Promptly reporting any safety concerns/incidents to staff.

Your PRIVACY is important. We respect each other's privacy by being mindful of phone usage and other technology that may be distracting or invasive to others around us. Here are ways we can practice this principle:

  1. Refrain from using phones and other mobile devices in the locker rooms.
  2. Refrain from taking any photos or videos in the facility unless given prior approval.
  3. Staff is committed to keeping your visit private and will not provide details of your visit without your permission.

If you have questions, please see our member handbook here or pick up a copy at either the downtown or Saint Marys Campus location.

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Joined: Jul 17, 2014
Posted by @jenniferrahlf, Wed, Jan 3 11:55am

I had to leave a comment on this. In the past six months I have entered the womens showers and have noticed members leaving their towels hanging in the stalls, their wash clothes wrung out and on the shelf in the stalls, their towels left on the floor. Talk about disrespectful behavior ladies. You are making me -as the next person to use the shower- clean up after you. Do I want to touch your towels? It’s not my job to clean up after you and its really not the custodial staffs job to pick up your used towels from the floor outside of the stalls, or the floors in front of the lockers. Please have some respect and put your towels where they belong, in the receptacles as you walk out of the locker room marked Towels…..Can’t miss them. Thanks!

Posted by @smitha123, Wed, Jan 3 1:19pm

Thank you for your comment on respect! This is very true that many members seem to forget basic etiquette in the locker rooms. We have tried several campaigns where we focus on putting up signs that say to please put towels in the bins. We have received notice before that we could have the towels taken away altogether due to this issue. We will continue to spark these campaigns, although there really isn’t much else we can do other than reminding members. We totally agree with you and think it’s a shame that this is happening, especially at Mayo Clinic. Thank you!

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Posted by @smitha123, Wed, Jan 3 1:19pm

@jenniferrahlf see above. Thanks!

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John M

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Posted by @tr4guy, Thu, Jan 4 3:23pm

The men’s lockers and showers isn’t much better!
Even seeing towels in hot tub area not being used.
I assume they do it at home too?
Seems lately it’s getting worse.

Posted by @smitha123, Fri, Jan 5 10:07am

@tr4guy That is a shame indeed. We will keep pushing this, but it’s ultimately on those people to change their behaviors. Thank you for caring and being a respectful member!

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