February 15, 2017

Well-being with a Purpose


How can we, as Mayo Clinic employees in Rochester, Arizona, Florida and the Health System, help our patients by funding the advancement of our practice and research? Answer: We get active. For the first-time ever, Mayo Clinic is introducing “Well-being with a Purpose”. This campaign is simple: The more we move, the more our patients benefit.

Well-being with a Purpose is led by the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center and is in partnership with the Department of Development. Grateful patient benefactors, Mike and Cathy Schultz, are donating $50,000 to match our minutes of physical activity.

Let's get started:

  1. Read all the patient stories below.
  2. Create an account with your Mayo Clinic email address using Perk Health online. Once your account has been created, you may download the free Perk Health mobile app or continue using the desktop version.
  3. Select the story that you would like to move for using the Perk Health tool. The option you choose will team you up with other Mayo Clinic employees that selected the same story.
  4. Get active for your patients. The goal is to achieve 20 minutes of physical activity (any type, anywhere) three times per week. Based on the amount of times you move, the benefactor will donate money to your story (up to $40,000). Then, the team that moves the most will receive an additional $10,000 from the benefactor’s donation!
  5. Track your minutes of physical activity using Perk Health from March 20 - April 16. You can enter your minutes 7 days prior to when you join.
  6. During the challenge, use the Perk Health tool to send "kudos" to your teammates to encourage physical activity and get your team in the lead!

Mayo Clinic’s mission is to inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of our patients. Let’s join that mission with the vision of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center; for Mayo Clinic employees to be the best in serving patients through leading a healthy lifestyle.

Come on Mayo Clinic, let’s make our minutes count and support our patients!

Patient Stories:

Cardiovascular: (Team Kieran). Baby Kieran was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect where her heart had grown outside of her chest while in the womb. During birth, 60 doctors and nurses from 12 different teams preformed a specialized C-section technique that kept Kieran and mom connected via the umbilical cord while the team put Kieran’s heart back inside her body. After the surgery, Kieran beat the odds and is now a happy toddler with a bright future. Help other patients like Kieran and choose her team! Funds will be donated to the Cardiovascular area at Mayo Clinic for continued research.

Transplant: (Team Joseph). Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy at age 10, Joseph’s only wish for his 11th birthday was a new heart.  With his younger sister having passed away with the same condition while they were living in Panama, Joseph’s family was adamant to find the right care that would save their son’s life…and they found it at Mayo Clinic with a new heart for Joseph. Help other patients like Joseph and choose his team! Funds will be donated to the Transplant area at Mayo Clinic for continued research.

Neuroscience: (Team Rob). After experiencing spells of intense headaches and dizziness, Ironman Rob, found answers at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Specialists in neurology ran numerous tests and it turned out that Rob had such a rare neurologic condition that he was only the seventh patient treated with it here at Mayo. He continues to manage his condition and compete in races. Help other patients like Rob and choose his team! Funds will be donated to the Neuroscience area at Mayo Clinic for continued research.

Oncology: (Team Sandy). While being treated for melanoma, Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. After her doctor told her that she had 5 years to live, the mother, wife and history teacher needed another opinion. Sandy visited Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and received a more optimistic yet aggressive plan of attack on her cancer, and she took it on like a champion. She recently finished her treatments at Mayo and has many supporters and cheerleaders by her side, including her students. Help other patients like Sandy and choose her team! Funds will be donated to the Oncology area at Mayo Clinic for continued research.

General Fund for Mayo Clinic: If you want to support all our patients, you can choose the general fund that will support practice and research advances for our patients at Mayo Clinic.

Here is a video tutorial of using Perk Health.

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