December 14, 2016

DAHLC Aligns With Fitness Trends



Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal surveys fitness professionals around the world to find out what the top 20 trends are in the fitness world. It's exciting to find that, once again, many of our offerings are included in the top 20! We want you to know what the trends are and how our offerings match up with that trend. Below is the list of the top 20 and what we offer to our members that would support that trend (if applicable).

  1. Wearable technology --> N/A
  2. Body weight training --> Group trainingBasics classes, Training Studio drop-in classes
  3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) --> Drop-In classes: refine class name to Quick Fixx, Row & Reps or HIIT The Water
  4. Educated, certified & experienced fitness professionals --> That makes up the DAHLC Staff!
  5. Strength training --> There is an element of building strength in most offerings. Here are a few options: Training Studio drop-in classes; group training; Powerful Men, Powerful WomenBoot Camp, & Basics classes.
  6. Group training of 5+ participants --> Drop-in classes; Wellness Programs
  7. Exercise is Medicine® --> Research
  8. Yoga --> Drop-in classes: refine location to Mind/Body studio
  9. Personal training --> while we don't offer 1:1 personal training, here are alternate options.
  10. Exercise & weight loss --> Revive & ThriveTOOLS for Weight Loss, Boot Camp
  11. Fitness programs for older adults --> Active Older Adults (AOA) program, drop-in AOA classes & 12 Strategies for Healthy Aging
  12. Functional fitness --> There is an element of functional fitness in most offerings. Here are a few options: drop-in classes; group trainingBoot CampActive Older Adults (AOA) program
  13. Outdoor activities --> Heritage Classic, DAHLC Run Club (when weather permits)
  14. Group personal training --> Group Training
  15. Wellness coaching --> Wellness Coaching
  16. Worksite health promotion --> Worksite Wellness
  17. Smartphone exercise apps --> N/A
  18. Outcome measurements --> Evaluation Services
  19. Circuit training --> Drop-In classes: refine class name to Power 45 and Fusion; Group Training
  20. Flexibility & mobility rollers --> Roll Out To Recovery; Drop-In classes: refine class name to AT or Yoga

If you have any questions or want to learn more about these offerings, call 507-266-4688 or stop by the front desk.

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