December 5, 2016

“Do you offer personal training?”


We hear this question frequently from members and potential members, "Do you offer personal training?" While we don't offer the traditional personal training experience where you work one-on-one with a trainer for X amount of sessions for X amount of money, we do offer similar options that we wanted to share with you. We talked with Lynne, one of our Health & Wellness Coaches, to get her top 3 recommendations for personal training at the DAHLC.

  1. Group Training - This is the best all-around offering we would recommend if you are looking for personal training. You will work with a Health & Wellness Coach for 6 sessions, the difference is it will be in a small group of about 4 people and it is free with membership. In these 6 sessions, you will get new workouts each week from the coach and will be asked to complete it at least one time on your own.
  2. Exercise Prescription - This is the best personalized option as you will be working one-on-one with a coach. This 60-minute appointment includes a functional movement screen to identify asymmetries in your movement patterns and a personalized exercise prescription based on your interests and goals. Cost: $25 with Mayo Medical Insurance; $50 for non-Mayo medical insurance.
  3. Basics classes - This is a good option as well, but is limited to one type of equipment or form of exercise. You will work with a Health & Wellness Coach and they will teach you the fundamentals of equipment or a form of exercise (examples: cardio equipment or core strength exercises). Most classes are 2-4 people per group so you will get fairly personalized instruction from the coach. We have 8 different Basics classes to choose from, and all are free to members!


If you are interested to sign up for one or more of these options, please stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688.

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