November 16, 2016

Getting to Know Kris!


The DAHLC recently welcomed Kris, a new Group Fitness Instructor.  She answered a few inspiring-quote-before-you-speak-let-you-words-pass-3-gates-is-it-true-is-it-necessary-is-it-kindquestions to let us get to know more about her!  Like many Group Fitness instructors, Kris has a job in another dept. of Mayo Clinic. When asked what excites her about working at the DAHLC, she stated "being part of such a positive team".  Here are some other questions we asked of Kris:

What's always in your fridge?  Milk and cheese

What's your favorite summer activity?  Mowing the lawn

What's always on your grocery list?  4 boys = everything!

Morning person or night owl?  Morning person

Favorite way to lose track of time?  Reading

What was the last book you read?  Visions in Death  (In Death Series by  J.D. Robb)

Which TV show do you love?  I don't watch TV

One thing from your bucket list?  I don't have a bucket list; I try to do things I want now rather than later

How do you define wellness?  Life balance with a strong dose of resilience

When you work out on your own, what does it look like?  Yoga and interval/strength training

Favorite workout song?  Background music that I don't remember when I'm done

When Kris has completed the on-boarding process, you'll find her in the Mind Body studio teaching yoga.  It's great to have you join us Kris!



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