November 14, 2016

DAHLC-Led Well-Being Programs for Mayo Clinic employees!


According to Mayo Clinic News Center (internal link), Mayo Clinic shared this message about new programs available to employees that was trialed at Rochester & Arizona. We are excited to share it is now rolling out to Rochester, SWMN and NWWI campuses (and planning for more in the future)!

Mayo Clinic has long been concerned about your job satisfaction and, most recently, burnout. Not all changes to be made are at the organizational level. You can implement techniques that promote personal well-being, make an impact on your work and help navigate stress. Mayo Clinic offers programs that enable you to explore recommendations to do just that.

These programs are being offered to staff in Rochester, SWMN and NWWI to help increase well-being and engagement. Enroll by logging into My Learning (internal link, must be on Internet Explorer) and searching by program title. Space is limited. 

Here are the options below that will be instructed by our expert Health & Wellness Coaches.

  • Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART): This 1 or 2-session program explores how learning to focus attention, delay interpretation and implement the principles of gratitude, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, higher meaning and purpose can improve quality of life and increase job satisfaction. This program will be led by Jason and Bridget.
  • Finding Purpose in Your Work: This 2-session program focuses on tools to help you discover meaning in your work and in your life, thereby improving job satisfaction and decreasing the chance of burnout. This program will be led by Brent or Jason.
    • Thursdays, Mar 23 & Mar 30 from 9-10:15 in Rochester, MN
    • Thursdays, Apr 13 & Apr 20 from 3:30-4:45pm in Eau Claire, WI
  • Mindfulness in Medicine: This 1-time program focuses on the use of mindfulness techniques to promote personal well-being and enhance professional impact in the health care setting. This program will be led by Amy.
    • Wednesday, Mar 29 from 2-4pm in Rochester, MN
    • Thursday, Apr 27 from 2-4pm in Rochester, MN
  • Practicing Gratitude: This 3-session program explores the joys and health benefits that can come from heartfelt gratitude, as well as common barriers to making it a regular part of your life. This program will be led by Brent.
    • Wednesdays, Mar 15, Mar 22 & Mar 29 from 10-11am in Menomonie, WI
    • Thursdays, Apr 6, Apr 13 & Apr 20 from 2-3pm in Rochester, MN
    • Tuesdays, Jun 6, Jun 13 & Jun 20 from 9-10am in Rochester, MN
    • Wednesdays, Aug 2, Aug 9 & Aug 16 from 9-10am in Rochester, MN

If you are a Mayo Clinic employee on the Rochester campus, please enroll in these courses by logging into My Learning (internal link). This is to be completed on paid work time as long as your manager approves it. You do not have to be a DAHLC member to participate. We are excited to offer these programs and hope it will help increase job satisfaction!

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