October 14, 2016

Getting to Know Rick


Rick is one of our newer Group Fitness instructors at the DAHLC.  Though he has a full time job in another area of Mayo Clinic, Rick has wellness as a priority and wants to help you achieve your goals.  When asked about what excites him about working at the DAHLC, he said it's "getting a chance to make an impact on someone's wellness.  If I can inspire one person to make a change in life, all the hard work I do to prepare for my classes is worth it."  And a quote that inspires him? "Clear your mind of can't."

Here are some fun facts about Rick:
What's always in your fridge?  Chicken and vanilla Greek yogurt
What's your favorite summer activity?  Coaching soccer
Morning person or night owl?  Night owl
What's always on your grocery list?  Chicken and vanilla Greek yogurt
Favorite way to lose track of time?  Fishing or downhill   skiing
What was the last book you read?  Lone Survivor
How do you define wellness?  Good mental and physical health
Favorite workout song?  "Beast" by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
One thing from your bucket list?
 Visiting Tahiti
When you work out on your own, what does it look like?  2 hours weight training and 30 min cardio
What TV show do you love?  'Ink Master' and 'The Walking Dead'

When Rick was asked how he would describe his classes for DAHLC members, he said "my classes are a little different - a cross between powerful and Comedy Central."

You can find Rick in the cycle studio on Fridays at 5:15am and in the Multipurpose studio on Sundays at 10:15am for Strength. Click here for the drop-in class schedule.

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