October 6, 2016

Website Refresh!


Our external website has been up and running for nearly two years and is such a great resource for you, our members, to use. However, after listening to your feedback about how you utilize the website, we knew it was time for a refresh. We are excited to bring this updated look to you and hope it is easier for you to use! Here is a short tutorial on using our website and the changes we made:
As you just saw, there were 4 main things that were updated to make it easier to find information and ultimately have less clicks to get to that information. Here are the 4 once again to recap:

  1. New navigation bar. You can now find all our programs, services and offerings using the navigation bar at the top of our website.
  2. More visual home page. We want the homepage to be engaging and fun for you to look at. We will change out the images each month with our newsletter topics. We also added your favorite topics based on analytics, such as the leadership message, member success stories and staff bios.
  3. Suggestions from our experts. We took common questions about "How do I..." 1. Get Started, 2. Add Variety, 3. Maximize Time 4. Age Well and put together our suggestions to help you.
  4. Defined blog for you to use as a resource. We named the blog Recharge+ and want you to use it as a resource to find motivation, recipes, success stories, and lots more so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle and share the ideas with others!

We hope you enjoy using the updated site! If you have any questions, please comment below. (You will need to log into our website which you can do at the bottom of this page). Thank you!!

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