August 17, 2016

Get to know Laura!

By Ashlie Smith


Laura has a passion for fitness and the desire to motivate others to get up and move. Growing up in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming has given her a love for the outdoors and for the human body. We asked her a few questions below to discover what inspires and motivates her!

What’s always in your fridge? Spinach!

What is your favorite summer activity? Riding my horses

What’s always on your grocery list? Fruit

Morning person or night owl? Morning!

What was the last book you read? Mind Gym by Gary Mack

One thing from your bucket list includes: Climbing the Grand Tetons

How do you define wellness? To me, wellness is really 4 components; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When we align all four that's when we really begin to click on all cylinders.

What excites you about working at the DAHLC? So many things; the environment, the staff, being able to connect with so many individuals and hearing about their goals. 

Where can you find Laura on the schedule? Cycle – Mondays at 5:30pm and
Cardio Kickbox – Fridays at noon.

Go to one of her awesome classes and get to know her in person!

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