July 29, 2016

12 Habits: Laugh

By nicoleblock

IMG_3220Laura Swenson, MS, RN, Patient Education Specialist for the Office of Patient Education, says that, "Laughter can be very contagious.  Share it with everyone. It can be used for general health, chronic conditions, mental health, relationships, workplace stress, not to mention, it is safe for all ages. Common side effects: release physical tension, heart and vascular health, boosts immune system."

When was the last time you had a really good laugh? One where you cried or had a stomach ache because you were laughing so hard. Of course, it's important to distinguish between laughter that heals and laughter that hurts. Consider how you can bring more gratitude, acceptance, and laughter into your life and lives of those you touch. Here are some opportunities you can explore related to laughter:

  • Try Laughter Yoga —a fun combination of stretching, breathing and laughing exercises that can help you feel awakened, confident, creative, productive and reaDAHLC-3478dy to tackle anything.
  •  Build an inventory of funny jokes, cartoons and stories.
  •  Have a joke jar at home or in your office.






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