July 15, 2016

July at Club Kids


autumn moments (1)Wondering what your child is doing at Club Kids while you're getting in a great workout? Here is the July agenda filled with fun activities, crafts, exercises and education for your little one to enjoy and tell you all about!

July 18-23:
Howdy Partners! You outta stop on by Club Kids this week for some Wild West Fun. We will be brewing up crafts like a cactus, horse shoes, cowboy boots & more. And I reckon we’ll be doing lots of exercising, playing & reading. We sure would like to see all you youngin’s for a good ole time!

July 25-30:
There is so much to explore in outer space! So much that we don’t know! This week at Club Kids we will be having fun with our theme of Out of this World! Give yourself a much needed break & quiet/peaceful workout while the kids are making super cool crafts, reading books & doing puzzles about planets, and, as always, getting in their own pint-sized workout!

Click here for all the details about Club Kids daycare located in the DAHLC subway and available for members' use.

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