July 8, 2016

12 Habits: Strength and Flexibility

By nicoleblock

Have you tried incorporating components of both strength and flexibility into your exerciseyoga routine?  These 2 components of physical activity are recommended for your weekly routines, no matter what age. Not only can they help you achieve your wellness goals, but also aid in injury prevention and improve performance. Stretching and mobility exercises can easily be included in your warm-up and cool down.

Can’t make it to the gym to get your strength training done? Try using body weight or resistance bands at home to make your routine complete. The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center website has some great workouts that anyone can try. Need some extra motivation?  Having a partner for strength and flexibility can give you some accountability. Consider whether you have a colleague or spouse that would help build motivation and invite them to start changing their habits with you. Try attending strength focused group fitness classes or signing up for small group training. Both options will incorporate flexibility and strength for a well-balanced workout.


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