July 7, 2016

The Results are in for ‘Pullin’ Through June’!


Greg WisemanDid you take the personal challenge offered by 'Pullin' Through June' this year - the opportunity to set a cycling goal and achieve it?  Many of you did - a big "Congratulations" to all of you!

Member Greg Wiseman achieved 500 miles during June!  Congratulations Greg!  He's agreed to share his personal story about how he sets goals and maintains motivation.

"I started out June with a goal of 150 miles for the month.  Finishing that in 2 weeks, I reset the goal for 400 miles.  In the last week I did several days of 2 classes each day and ended up with 500 miles. The riding was a goal for me and the most I have done in any one month.  I love to compete with myself.  The "Pullin through June" also teaches me to take on a bigger task by repeating a smaller task I know I can do.  Repeating shorter rides several times a week really begins to add up. I find that when I exercise regularly I just feel better. I feel happier. I feel more rested. I have more energy.  I feel more focused in my life and I have less stress. Also, the exercise helps improve memory and decreases my risk of heart disease and diabetes. When I work-out indoors I am able to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, rowing and hiking even more with my friends and family".

Thank you for sharing your story Greg!  We're inspired by your method for achieving personal goals.

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