June 9, 2016

What if we just didn’t know?

By Desiree Ahrens

We have information-overload today. Instant access to information is at our fingertips, whether it is valid or not. If we have a question, we google it immediately. Fortunately for my sanity during my first pregnancy I did not have a smart phone. It was still hard to sort through the noise to figure out what rang true to me and my family.

“What if we just didn’t know?”

This is a favorite quote of mine from the movie While We’re Young. In it, the middle-aged parents-to-be are obsessed with their smart phones and looking up information. Ironically, the young, millennial, couple pose this question. The middle-aged couple is caught off guard and is not sure how to react. The young man argues that maybe they should just converse about the topic and think about it instead of jumping to “find” the answer with instant technology.

What if we didn’t know the answer immediately?

What if, in pregnancy, we just trust ourselves to make the right choice and act appropriately when and IF the time comes?

We tell parents-to-be how a new child will “change your life”. We try to prepare them for this change which is truly impossible to prepare for.

Can the best way for you to prepare be simply to trust yourself?

At the DAHLC Pregnancy Program, we focus on two aspects of prenatal care: exercise and education. The Mayo Clinic professionals who speak at the educational sessions give you direct, research-based information for you to make the right decisions for you and your family. We recognize that every person is different and every pregnancy is different. We build connections between moms-to-be while empowering each mom to feel confident in trusting herself.

Registration opens for the DAHLC Pregnancy Program on June 9th at 7am. This 10 week session includes an educational session and a prenatal small group training session each week. Pregnant women are allowed to join at any stage of pregnancy.


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