May 27, 2016

12 Habits: Try Something New

By nicoleblock

"Learning is lifelong and can come in the form of gained knowledge, developed skills, life experiences, and more. Through learning and trying something new, we open our minds to increased understanding, discover meaning and purpose in our life, establish new relationships, and better adapt to change. Ongoing education and the exploration of new experiences creates an atmosphere of growth for bikesourselves by expanding the possibilities. New experiences can also heighten awareness of your surroundings and you soon realize the novelty and joy in what you may otherwise take for granted. Seek novelty, pursue a challenge, and be a lifelong learner to have increased energy and a fulfilling, meaningful life."
-Kaisa Wieneke, MPH, Lead Worksite Wellness Coordinator at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

Life begins at the limits of your comfort zone – here are some opportunities to go beyond those limits:

  • Experience DAHLC Wellness Coaching to further your mindset.
  • Check out this DAHLC Blog Post on other ideas to “Try Something New”. While you’re there, check out other DAHLC offerings available to you.
  • Ever completed a 5K? Sign up for Mayo Clinic’s Heritage Classic 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, September 25 and start training to-day! More details here (internal link).
  • Try riding your bike into the DAHLC instead of driving. We have brand new bike racks for your convenience!

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