April 29, 2016

12 Habits: Adequate Sleep

By nicoleblock

Habit 5Feeling agitated lately? Or maybe fatigued? Perhaps the solution is simpler than you think. A restorative night of sleep can stave off all sorts of havoc that could compromise your physical and emotional health. When you don’t make time for sleep, you don’t get the rest that you need. “For many people it takes planning to optimize sleep. The brain has molecular mechanisms that serve as an internal body clock.  Strive for a lifestyle with sleep occurring at a consistent time night after night. This ensures that our sleep is synchronized with other body functions, like nocturnal fasting, that also have a natural circadian rhythm. Keeping a regular bedtime and awakening time also is beneficial for the expected alteration of different sleep stages.”- Lois Krahn, M.D.,  Consultant in Psychiatry and the Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery in Mayo Clinic Arizona.

Looking for more opportunities to explore? Mayo Clinic’s Patient Education Center offers a 60-minute Healthy Sleep Class on the importance of sleep, how it can affect your health, and strategies to enhance sleep. Think you might need medical attention? Consider requesting an appointment with Mayo Clinic’s Center for Sleep Medicine— it’s one of the largest sleep medicine facilities in the United States with trained staff, expertise, and experience to diagnose and treat people with sleep disorders. Request an appointment here.


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