March 21, 2016

Meet Laura



Laura has a passion for fitness and the desire to motivate others to get up and move. Growing up in beautiful Jackson Wyoming has given her a love for the outdoors and for the human body. “I think the greatest type of fitness… fitness that works! The fitness that the motivates people to improve, inspires them to become healthier and enables them to stay safer, giving them the sense of confidence that comes through physical movement. We were born to move and there is a world out there that needs us to do it efficiently.”

Laura  provides movement in class that inspires, motivates, and challenges members to become healthier and more confident in themselves.

Outside of the fitness world, Laura is busy with training horses and the rodeo life.  She always loves to head back home to WY and enjoy a week up in the mountains with her husband and 2 dogs.

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I had to change my work shifts on Mondays and Tuesdays and I really miss your 4:30 strength class. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a group class offered at 7/7:30 those days. Group classes other days won’t work either. Would you have a suggestion for something I can work on to sort of take the place of your class.

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