March 16, 2016

Ask the Dietitians!



In celebration of National Nutrition Month, we asked our DAHLC dietitians 5 questions about their favorite foods and treats below!

1.What is your go-to post-workout snack?

  • Kristen: Low-fat milk or Greek yogurt with fruit or peanut butter and fruit
  • Margaret: Yogurt and piece of fruit
  • Kate: Fruit, nuts and water

2. Favorite healthy plate?

  • Kristen: Seasoned and grilled chicken with rice, steamed veggies and pineapple
  • Margaret: Cranberry chicken (mother's favorite recipe), sweet potato, and a spinach salad
  • Kate: A big salad with lots of veggies, seeds and fish, chicken or cheese

3. Any tricks that you learned that are helpful with preparing healthy foods?

  • Kristen: I always have fresh fruits and veggies washed and prepared in my crisper for quick snacks and additions to meals.
  • Margaret: I recommend using frozen vegetables and attending the DAHLC Wielding a Knife class so you can learn to dice/chop fresh vegetables quickly. I cook a larger quantity of rice, pasta or other grains as well as meat so that I can use it another meal---"cook once, eat twice."
  • Kate: Always have fresh or frozen fruit and veggies in the kitchen. If you are near the end of the week, have a "clean out the fridge night," where you use most or all the fresh produce--it can make for some interesting combinations. It saves on food waste too!

4. What are 3 items that you always have in your kitchen/ pantry?

  • Kristen: Low-fat Greek yogurt; bananas; sweet bell peppers
  • Margaret: Greek yogurt; eggs; canned beans
  • Kate: Black bean; tomatoes (fresh and/or canned); cheese (extra sharp cheddar)
    •  *The combination of onions, carrots and celery is always helpful to have in store in order to make     the base of many recipes, including soups, salads, roasts or casseroles

5. What is your indulgence?

  • Kristen: Reese's peanut butter cups
  • Margaret: Nuts! I have a difficult time eating cashews and/or almonds mindfully
  • Kate: Hot cocoa! I've found that I like it with skim milk and unsweetened cocoa. A dollop of whip cream and a few mini semi-sweet chips give it just enough sweetness!

We are so appreciative for how our dietitians educate us on a healthy diet and loved hearing about a few of their favorite things! Check out our numerous nutrition offerings here at the DAHLC.

Thank you for sharing Kristen, Margaret and Kate!

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