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February 26, 2016

Wellbeats at DAHLC St. Marys Hospital Campus (SMH-Ge)


IMG_1276Are you a regular (or occasional) user of the Generose DAHLC?  Have you checked out the Wellbeats video classes in the studio?  If not, you might be surprised by the variety of offerings available to you at any time.

The touchscreen located just outside the studio is your starting place.  On the menu, you'll find these descriptions:
TKO Kickboxing - a blend of martial arts disciplines, each class combines punches, kicks and strikes for a knockout workout experience.
Fusion Mind Body Series - Mind & body meld in invigorating and vitalizing courses where each class is the perfect integration of yoga and Pilates.
eXpress Series - Short, intense workouts that deliver results in a minimal timeframe.  All you need is 20 minutes!
Stomp Step Series - Easy to follow yet inventive step patterns make Stomp doable and fun!  A total body cardiac-driven workout.
Kinetics Series - Multi-activity classes include sport-style cardio intervals with weight training circuits and muscle isolation work.
Vibe Dance Series - With these dance based classes, experience edgy, energizing moves drawn from Latin, urban, hip-hop dance and more.

Each of these series contains many different classes to choose from!  Some examples are Dare to Balance, Chisel Flow, Go 4 It, Front & Center, Take 5 and Funky & Fit.  And you can see a preview of any class.  Click here for a full list and description of all the classes.

So the next time you're looking for something different to do for your workout, consider checking out Wellbeats!

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View and be here at the Generose DAHLC.

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