January 26, 2016

Embracing Winter in Minnesota


Embracing Minnesota
Instead of dreading these long winter months, let’s make the most of our changing seasons and find new activities to do with family, friends and colleagues! With plenty of outdoor and indoor activities available, we can thrive throughout these chilly winter months and make wonderful memories as a result. Here are 10 ideas that we thought you might enjoy!

  1. Make it a date at the DAHLC with our Valentines Partner Yoga Unwind & Dine Event (waitlist has begun). In this event, you will practice yoga for one hour with your partner and then enjoy making appetizers with our chef. It will be a night to remember at the DAHLC.
  2. Bring out your inner child by playing in the snow. You could build a snowfort, a snowman or go sledding! Just put on your snow gear and have fun!
  3. Take in the views of the snow covered city by snowshoeing or cross country skiing. It’s a great way to burn calories while appreciating the beauty of winter. Quarry Hill rents snowshoes for $5/adult and skis for $7.50/adult for four hours.
  4. Lace up your ice skates. Rochester has both indoor and outdoor skating rinks available.
  5. Want to think about the warm lakes of Minnesota? Try our pools and participate in our February Fitness Swim Challenge. This is a national event held for all of February and encourages people to swim regularly and track your results.
  6. Laugh a little! No really, we have a class that focuses on laughing for a half hour. Laughter Yoga is open to all Mayo Clinic employees and is held every Friday from 12:15-12:45pm at the DAHLC.
  7. Take a day trip to go downhill skiing or snowboarding. Find a coffee shop and treat yourself to a nice warm coffee or hot chocolate.
  8. If you are a member or member-eligible, bring a guest with you for FREE to DAHLC Days! It’s always more fun working out with a buddy, so take advantage of this event on Feb. 19-21.
  9. It’s spring-thinking at the DAHLC with our Indoor Adventure Race! This race combines a 5k indoor walk/run, a 10-mile indoor bike ride and a 5000-meter Indo-Row challenge. Fee of $15 for t-shirt and snacks after the event.
  10. Try something new. If you haven’t participated in a program or training at the DAHLC – sign up and see what you think. You’ll be so busy looking forward to the next time you meet, the winter months will just pass you by. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people!

We hope you enjoy participating in one or more of these events to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. And, remember, only a couple more months till spring! Have fun & stay healthy.

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