January 1, 2016

Habit 1: Physical Activity


DAHLC Strength-9383If a physician offered you medicine that was free, had no side effects, and was likely to make you feel good, improve your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your bones and muscles, and open blood vessels to enable oxygen to reach its destination and give you more energy and stamina - would you take it? Would you be surprised if this medicine did not come from a bottle or needle? This ‘prescription’ is a well-designed physical activity and exercise training program. It is important that the program is well-designed to avoid side effects such as injuries to the body. The key is to train smart. Do your part in preventing heart disease. Adopt a well-designed, heart healthy exercise program into your life.

Robert Scales, PhD, is an Exercise Physiologist and Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness, Mayo Clinic-Arizona.


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