August 10, 2015

Coach Has ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment

By Nicole - Coach

I recently read a post from a women’s fitness blog and had an awakening.  Okay, maybe awakening is a stronger term than what actually occurred.  Probably more of an ‘ah-ha’ moment, as we tend to call them in wellness coaching.

“Where is your exercise taking you?” the writer questioned.  She went on to describe road trips as a metaphor for any journey: Health, spiritual, financial – that typically, there is a goal in mind, an end point, an outcome.  What we often lose sight of is the process and how the process we tend to follow may mold, adapt, influence, or hinder our outcomes.  The process may be as enjoyable or as important as the outcome. Using exercise as an example: the article’s author Krista Scott-Dixon suggests, “We often confuse doing exercise (the means) with the goal (what we ultimately want).”

wallHm. This started me thinking first about my physical activity and then of course my brain looped into multiple other streams of thought.  For now, let me circle back to physical activity.  What do I include in this category? What is most important to me and why? What propels me forward and what do I resist?  As I continued to explore my habits and tendencies (physical and mental), I realized that some wisdom imparted by Stephanie when she came to Active Book Club to share and practice Mindfulness Meditation was ringing clearly in my head: We don't have to label [exercise or not exercise] as good or bad. It just is or isn't.  It isn't "bad" that I missed my run today just as much as it isn't "good" that I practiced yoga today. That concept is a bit of an eye-opener for me, someone who wants to have a plan and achieve outcomes!

Sure, I may identify with feeling a particular way or may have enjoyed the experience while it was happening.  But what was my purpose for engaging in the first place?  What did I hope to experience?

Before I completely lose you in the cloudy abyss of philosophy and spirituality, let me ask: Where is your exercise taking you?  I'd love to hear or read your comments - respond below or send me an email!


Ideas to consider:

  • Schedule time with  yourself to write, draw, verbalize, or in some way explore and express the real reasons for your actions.
  • Check in with a wellness coach. One-hour consultations are free and can be game-changing.
  • Take time to experience a drop-in meditation class.
  • Sign-up for a program that has a coaching or accountability component so you have dedicated time, space, and external accountability to explore your behaviors.


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Hi Yoanne,
Normally, I would recommend that you post questions related to a neurological condition to the Brain & Nervous System group. But in this case, you posted correctly to the Heart group since you suspect a correlation to your heart medical history.

Your questions definitely are beyond my medical knowledge or experience. I did a quick search and found a couple of mentions of a possible correlation between scintillating scotoma and cardiovascular issues. See–and-scotomas-what-do-they-indicate

I’m also tagging @johnwburns on this conversation to see if he has experience or references to add.
I believe this is worth further investigation with your medical team.

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The wellness coaching is great as Regan added the info that my doctor used to get started on my care program. This started last June and great care continues.

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