July 31, 2015

Featured Wellness Champion: “If I can do it, so can you!”

By nicoleblock

Not all wellness champions are alike. For Kimberly Friedline, C.Ph.T., she prefers to take a behind the scenes approach to her wellness champion role. Kimberly  hasn't made it to a wellness champion meeting in a long time. She comes fromkimberly friedline a work unit that has been chronically short-staffed— they've learned to do more with less, and that means less time for wellness initiatives.  Not only has she learned to adapt to the obstacles, she has also found a way to aid  her staff in finding their wellness, as well as her own.  

"I’m a busy mom of 2 little boys and I work full time, so I have to be creative and intentional about working it in where I can."  No matter how busy or chaotic life gets, it is still important to focus on your health—Kimberly does a great job of reminding us of that. She takes the stairs when she can, and goes on walks when it works with her schedule. She says, "'If I can do it, so can you. If I can speed-walk to the gym, do 20 minutes of cardio there, a couple of stretches or some arms/abs and get back in an hour, so can you!"

Through her can-do attitude and optimism, Kimberly has found a way to inspire others. Her goal is to connect one-on-one with her colleagues on their journey to wellness.  She has found that this 'less intimidating' approach works for her staff.  "I think that there is room for Wellness Champions of all varieties.  While I am not a great party planner or big group cheerleader, I prefer to encourage wellness in the smaller, quieter ways. Sometimes the quieter [champions] are more approachable, especially for those who are nervous about taking small/baby steps toward health. I give encouragement to that person who is struggling to quit smoking.  Notice (positively, and out loud!) when a co-worker has gone out for a walk on their break or lunch.  Offer to go for a walk with someone during break time if they’re having a tough day and just need to get out for a few minutes.  If I know that someone is a member of the DAHLC (or wants to be), I encourage them to come with me to work out over lunch."

You don't have to be a wellness champion to help encourage others to be active. Make it your goal this summer to help inspire others to explore their health and wellness.


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Thank you, Kimberly, for your encouragement! If you can do it, so can I.


Great story, Kimberly. Thanks for sharing.

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