June 26, 2015

Keeping up with the Beat!


DAHLC-0248What's just as important as your workout? The tunes that make you move!

To ensure we are keeping up with the beat (no pun intended), our studios will be going under an Audio/Visual overhaul the week of July 6th. Upgrades include speaker replacement and new audio equipment in the Pilates Reformer studio and minor programming in the other studios

In most cases, you will just notice as few contractors in the areas noted below.  However, there are a few studio closures of note.  Here is a complete list of downtown studio interruptions:

  • Reformer Studio: Closed July 6 - 8
  • Cycle Studio:  Thursday 10:15-11am expect workers in the area
  • Women’s Studio:  Closed Thursday 11-12pm
  • Training Studio:  Thursday 12-1pm expect workers in the area
  • Pool:  Thursday 1-2pm expect workers in the area
  • Multi-Purpose Studio:  Thursday 2-3pm expect workers in the area
  • Mind & Body Studio:  Thursday 3:15-4pm expect workers in the area

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