June 24, 2015

“Why Weight” Success Story


Why Weight when Bridget is here to guide you?

"I have been on my weight loss journey for over a year and a half. In that time I have gradually lost over 65 lbs. I began by attending “Why Weight?” after reading about it in the DAHLC newsletter. It sounded like [another weight loss program] which I had joined before, many times. Why would this time be different? I was 49 going on 50 and did not want to turn 50 in the shape I was in. I felt awful and was struggling with lots of physical and personal issues. The first meeting, led by Bridget, was very encouraging. It wasn't at all like [another weight loss program]. Yes, there was a weigh-in but that’s where it ended. Each week she provided us with a new tool to use on our journey. There was no prescribed diet, only healthy eating and increased activity was encouraged. It only takes a ½ hour. The kind encouragement, new knowledge and positive attitude I received there each week really made the difference for me. I wanted to keep going back to get another fix. It’s amazing what happens when you add healthy eating AND exercise at the same time plus the attention, guidance and encouragement from some really terrific DAHLC staff members. Success!"  -Why Weight participant

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