June 17, 2015

Walking Wednesday: It’s A Family Affair

By Nicole Block

The Walking Wednesday challenge has taken Mayo Clinic by storm! Wellness Champions and mother/daughter duo, Marilyn and Danielle Sommerfeldt, have proved that participating in Walking Wednesday has become a family affair. Marilyn comes from Obstetrics and has played an active role as a Wellness Champion.  She has made it a priority to actively engage hedanielle & marilyn sommerfeldtr work group in Walking Wednesday. “I think that challenges like this bring our work unit together.  Right now, many staff are doing the Walking Wednesday event for the summer and many seem to truly enjoy the event.”

Following in her footsteps, Danielle has also used her wellness champion role as a catalyst for helping staff in Medical Oncology. Her approach has been very motivating:  “The goals I have for my work group is to not only just make small progress with each person to do a little more than they normally would, but also to bring together our unit to work together outside of work...since most of our staff is new.” Walking Wednesday was not only a perfect opportunity for her to rally her work group, but to also a great opportunity to  enjoy physical activity with her mother.

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