June 10, 2015

FMS Scores Improve with Low Back Fitness Program


JasonS-2015ACSM-posterDAHLC Health & Wellness Coach, Jason Soyring, presented a poster entitled, "Effectiveness of a Multi-Phase Back Program Implemented in an Employee Wellness Facility," at the American College of Sports Medicine 62nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, on May 26-30, 2015.

Various studies support the theory that muscle weakness and imbalance, leading to a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) score of 14 or less, leads to an increase in injury risk.  In this study, participation in an 8-week comprehensive low back fitness program improved FMS scores in a significant number of individuals, with over one third of the group moving to a level of lowered injury risk.

Jason Soyring, B.S. (DAHLC)
Edward Laskowski, M.D. (DAHLC Physician, Sports Medicine)
Sarah Jenkins, M.S. (Survey Research Center)

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