May 22, 2015

Featured Wellness Champion: Robert Sanchez-Gulbrandson

By nicoleblock

Wellness Champions play a vital role in supporting Mayo Clinic’s mission to promote lifestyle improvements that support good health and improve quality of life. A Wellness Champion is defined as a volunteer within a work area who promotes wellness initiatives through a variety of marketing, communication and implementation tactics. Because they know their co-workers, Champions are advantaged in motivating their colleagues to achieve healthier lifestyles. They act as both champions of wellness and catalysts for change, providing opportunities for their co-workers to increase their energy level, enjoy more productive workdays and ultimately feel better about themselves, in an engaging way. This month's featured Wellness Champion is Robert Sanchez-Gulbrandson.

Robert is an International Field Sales & Services Manager with Mayo Medical Laboratories. This unsung hero continues to learn to juggle his work life and home life. From being a first-time dad, to changing jobs, Robert insists that staying positive has helped him adjust to his new roles this pDAHLC-2564ast year. He believes in the wellness mission. Once leading an incredibly fit lifestyle— making time to workout was never an issue for him. His job was mobile and he was an active Wellness Champion. But now, his motto is “making time to do the little things.” He says: “ You really need to look for the little victories. I’m rarely able to get in full workouts. I’ll either travel or sit in a cubicle at work for extended periods. I’m adjusting to that. When I’m on the road, I try to research ahead of time what hotels have gyms, and I get on a treadmill when I can. I avoid airport people-movers in favor of walking, and I frequently stretch on plane rides. In my cube at SDSC,  I adjust my desk to be a standing station.” He consciously practices making the extra effort in his lifestyle. “Witnessing friends and coworkers live through some health challenges recently has really put things into perspective. Your health is your wealth.”

Robert makes the extra effort to find healthy options too. He drink lots of water and opts for low-carb high-protein meals. With the advent of Spring, he’s been more active with his family.  He and his wife have been committed to giving their 10-month-old a healthy lifestyle. Taking the jogging stroller on family walks and making it to the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center when he can—these are the small victories he shoots for. It’s not always easy to get activity in, but doing a little as often as you can is better than doing nothing.  Thank you Robert for reminding us that many small changes can make a big difference in people’s lives.

For information on how you can become a Wellness Champion like Robert, click here to learn more.


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