April 23, 2015

Members make my day!

By Nicole - Coach

DAHLC Strength-9479That means you, DAHLC members. Yes – all of you who faithfully attend anything I lead! From small group training, cable class, and Active Book Club to Why Weight, Living Well with Chronic Conditions, and Wellness Coaching appointments.

Thank you for allowing me to practice my profession!

You teach me and inspire me to grow, personally and professionally, each day. Leaving work more energized than when I arrived is a treat.  Some days are more challenging than others; this experience is no different than any other workplace.  Anyone could be overwhelmed by responsibilities that accompany a career choice.  I want to keep my perspective full of gratitude, aware of the opportunities surrounding me every day.

Thank you to members who trust my friends and coworkers; thank you for loyally attending or curiously experimenting with new services that my colleagues develop and lead: Workshops, programs, equipment basics, group fitness classes, culinary (nutrition) classes.  Thank you for approaching us while we are on Floor Coverage and asking how to use the new or unusual piece of equipment that showed up on the fitness floor.

You are the reason we are here.




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