March 27, 2015

Featured Wellness Champion: Nancy Dahlen

By nicoleblock

Wellness Champions play a vital role in supporting Mayo Clinic’s mission to promote lifestyle improvements that support good health and improve quality of life.A Wellness Champion is defined as a volunteer within a work area who promotes wellness initiatives through a variety of marketing, communication and implementation tactics. Because they know their co-workers, Champions are advantaged in motivating their colleagues to achieve healthier lifestyles. They act as both champions of wellness and catalysts for change, providing opportunities for their co-workers to increase their energy level, enjoy more productive workdays and ultimately feel better about themselves, in an engaging way. This month Featured Wellness Champion is Nancy Dahlen.

Nancy Dahlen

Nancy Dahlen

Nancy is the Nurse Supervisor at the SMH Outpatient Desk and is a Wellness Champion for her work unit and the ED/Surgical/Trauma Division Leadership. Playing a dual role as both Wellness Champion and Supervisor would be difficult for most, but this Champion has stepped up to the plate! She says, “There are so many opportunities, programs, events, and information that we need to take advantage of as employees to sustain or improve our health and wellness!  So let’s ‘step it up’ both figuratively and literally to challenge ourselves in health and wellness.”

nancy dahlen 2

Nancy leads by example. Picture taken at Mayo's Heritage Classic 5K race.

As a Wellness Champion, Nancy is constantly learning and changing alongside her co-workers. She set goals for herself, and tries to be a role model not only for our patients but for the employees she represents.  Leading by example, Nancy sends out random weekly information going with fun themes like Motivational Monday, Transformational Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Tasty Thursday, and Fitness Friday.  Nancy’s work is so popular in her area, that she’s even gotten requests from providers to attach their names to her wellness emails. Once a month, she presents at her Division meetings and gets everyone moving/meditating with short Energy Bursts.  She also has designed a Wellness Board for her work unit that is conveniently placed above the counter where treats can be found. Extending her role, Nancy reaches out to her church community and provides monthly information on health and wellness for their newsletter.

"Becoming a Wellness Champion has made a huge improvement on my own health and wellness.  There is so much to gain from participating in the Wellness Program.  The support and investment from Mayo Clinic Administration shows me how much we are appreciated and cared for as employees.  I often hear excuses such as I don’t have time, I don’t like competition, I am too tired when I get home but what is my excuse not to promote health and wellness?  I know I cannot make people participate or change their lifestyles, but if I can do one thing to influence a colleague of mine to improve their health and wellness, I know I have succeeded.”- Nancy Dahlen

For information on how you can become a Wellness Champion like Nancy, click here to learn more.

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