February 13, 2015

12 Habits of Highly Healthy People- Habit 2

By nicoleblock

We're off to a great start!DAHLC-6093

The“12 Habits of Highly Healthy People” program has kicked off for 2015! We are making the commitment to your personal health! Over the course of the next year, you will be introduced to 12 healthy habits that can help you gradually incorporate into your life. This month, “Forgiveness” is the focus for Habit 2.

Habit 2: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one step toward this ability and being able to live more fully in the present. It may mean forgiving others but also forgiving yourself for past hurts you have inflicted on others or yourself. It is a choice for you and your future health, and plants a seed for growth and new beginnings. Forgiveness begins with acknowledging the hurt, gently reflecting on understanding these actions and finding meaning in them for you.

-Sue Cutshall, R.N., C.N.S., is an Integrative Health Specialist in the Department of General Internal Medicine Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program. 

Mayo employees, spouses, and colleagues are welcome to join the challenge anytime throughout the year by emailing us at RSTWellnessChallenge@mayo.edu.

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