January 2, 2015

12 Habits of Highly Healthy People- Habit 1: Physical Activity

By nicoleblock

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This is the start of the “12 Habits of Highly Healthy People” program for 2015! We are making the commitment to your personal health! Over the course of the next year, you will be introduced to 12 healthy habits. Some of these, you may already practice! Our goal is to help you gradually incorporate each habit into your life to reap the benefits. This month, we start off with “Physical Activity” as Habit 1.

Habit 1: Physical Activity

A body in motion will stay in motion, while a body at rest will remain at rest. You can’t argue with Sir Isaac Newton. Sadly, our great nation is struggling to meet the physical activity guidelines that are necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. We as a society owe it to our nation’s children to set the example of what it means to be active and healthy. I challenge you to set a goal of putting your body in motion for 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days; then stay in motion the rest of the year.

-Linde Sifuentes, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, is a Worksite Wellness Coordinator at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center.

Mayo employees, spouses, and colleagues are welcome to join the challenge anytime throughout the year by emailing us at RSTWellnessChallenge@mayo.edu.

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