November 12, 2014

Seasonal Dishes

By Kate- Dietitian

Squash SoupAs the weather turns cool and the holiday season beckons so does my kitchen.  Sunday afternoons with football on in the background are my time to batch cook soups or other dishes.  It is something I enjoy but it is also a timesaver during the week.  Not to mention, it organizes my thoughts around what is happening during the week and how it meshes with my evening meals – what will be quick and when I’ll have more time.

This November we have two Creative Technique classes that are reflective of this season:

  • Stocks – learn the basics of stock making for flavorful, lower sodium meals. Nov. 6th @ Noon.
  • Roasting “Talking Turkey” - Chef Mark and Margaret will be chatting about how to make a well done - not overdone – turkey and the trimming. Nov. 17 @ llam.

Sign up and join us in the DAHLC kitchen.  These classes are an opportunity to get your question answered, boost your confidence, and encourage you to have just as much fun as Mark and I do in the kitchen.


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