February 2, 2014

Overview of Mind/Body Studio


DAHLC-2985You will find the support you need to connect your mind to your body, which will directly translate into a deeper connection into your daily life. The DAHLC offers several formats of mind/body classes no matter what your fitness level, condition or body type. Some examples include yoga, Alexander Technique and Pilates. If you are looking to calm the mind or discipline the body you will FIND A CLASS that will fit you and your schedule.

Alexander Technique: The Alexander Technique (AT) is a safe and effective method for improving posture, reducing stress and supporting optimal health. AT Mind in Motion classes offer 45 minutes of guided instruction.

AT Mind in Motion: This 45-minute class applies AT principles to a gentle sequence of floor-based movements and stretches. The purpose of MIM is to unlearn harmful habits in order to regain the body’s natural openness, freedom of movement, and uprightness. Special emphasis given to maintaining the health and flexibility of the spine. Open to all members at all levels of experience.

Pilates:  Pilates (pronounced Pi-LAH-teez) is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates that strengthens the body’s inner core while increasing its flexibility resulting in improved overall health.

In addition, other benefits to practicing Pilates include:

  • longer, leaner muscles
  • injury prevention
  • relief from stress and back pain
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • heightened mind-body awareness

One can practice Pilates on a mat or on specially designed equipment.  Anyone can take and benefit from Pilates. There are several modifications available to fit most participants’ needs.

Yoga:  Yoga is a process of stretching, balancing and strengthening using the connection of breath, mind, and body.  The word “Yoga” simply means “union”.  Finding your class will greatly depend on your physical strengths as well as limitations.  We are confident that we have the right class to fit your needs.  We want you to succeed and feel supported, so please feel free to ask any of our yoga instructors for help in finding the right fit for you.


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