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Fri, Jun 30 11:56am · July at Club Kids!

July 3-8:

Red, White & Blue will fill Club Kids this week as we celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day! Mom and Dad can come to the gym for an “independent”/child free workout and bring the little ones to Club Kids for lots of fun! We will be making crafts like fireworks, flags & hand-print eagles, as well as 4th of July workouts, including fire crackers, jumping jacks & flag relays. We hope to see you all this week!

**Club Kids will be CLOSED Tuesday, July 4 for Independence Day. Have a fun & safe holiday!**

July 10-15:

Sharks, Whales, Turtles….

These are just a few of the cool crafts that Club Kids will be making this week as we explore OCEAN LIFE. There will also be neat books about ocean animals, water play with toy fish, more crafts and some super fun ocean themed workouts like shark bites, turtle races and dolphin jumps. Please SWIM on by for a fun filled week!

July 17-22:

What would you do on a day at the beach? Build a sand castle? Collect sea shells? Play ball? Relax?

This week Club Kids is taking a trip to the beach! Bring the kids by for sand sensory play, beached themed exercises, crafts like seashells, beach balls, & more. The kids can have a beach time blast while Mom & Dad have a relaxing massage or workout!

July 24-29:

Club kids is “under construction” this week! The kids will get to hammer “nails”, listen to books about construction equipment, and do workouts & crafts like diggers & digging, tool belts & the fill your tool belt race, brick painting & tower building challenge. All this, along with a lot more fun times to be had! Don’t be fooled by the sign, we are open for fun while “under construction”.

July 31-Aug 5:

Howdy Partners! YEE-HAW! Wrangle up the kiddos this week and bring them by Club Kids for a fun filled week of the WILD WILD WEST! The young’un’s can make crafts like cactus, cowboy boots & horse shoes, play in the sand, and do pint sized exercises like the lasso and the cowboy walk races.  I reckon y’all will have a fine time!

Can’t wait to see you all here in July!

Mon, May 1 3:00pm · May at Club Kids!

Join us for super fun activities this month at Club Kids!

May 1-6: 

Balloons, Clowns, Acrobats, Cotton Candy….
Club Kids is becoming a CIRCUS this week! Bring the kids by to make crafts like balloon painting, cotton candy, shape clowns and more. There will also be lots of fun circus themed activities.

May 8-13:

This week is all about Mother’s Day and celebrating the moms out there with fun crafts to give to mom on her special day.

May 15-20: 

We are having fun with MUSIC this week at Club Kids! We will be exploring the different sounds of music, making music crafts, and playing lots of music. Bring your voice to sing and be ready to join our band for a week of fun!

May 22-27:

Club Kids is looking like a zoo this week! We will be talking about lots of different animals we find at the zoo, have zoo animal crafts, exercises, books & more. We couldn’t “BEAR” to not see you and we’re not “lion”!

May 29-June 3: 

S’mores, campfires, tents, stories…
These are just some fun things that are part of camping. We are pretending to go camping at Club Kids this week. We have a tent, stories around the “campfire”, crafts & much more fun to be had! Bring the little ones by for a fun filled week!

Click here for more information about Club Kids.

Sun, Apr 23 8:39am · Doing Good to Boost Your Mood

Can random acts of kindness be good for your health? The answer is a resounding yes!

Have you ever had your coffee paid for by a stranger in line ahead of you? Or your next door neighbor cleared the snow off your driveway before you got to it? How about a simple smile from someone when you were feeling down? I remember when I would travel by myself with my newborn to and from California to visit family and had no choice but to ask for help from total strangers. The cool thing was that I rarely had to ask for help…people were lending a hand left and right as I struggled to get my stroller and car seat folded up while holding a baby. They would jump right in, and I would just tell them what to do and then thank them to no end because it meant so much. Even in a world of uncertainty and tragedy, there is so much hope found in these small but powerful moments of unexpected kindness from complete strangers.

Emotional and cognitive health is vital to our physical health. In stressful or anxiety-inducing situations, our bodies take somewhat of a beating. On the contrary, think of the positive physical manifestations when we experience joy, peace and kindness. More than likely, our bodies are relaxed and, consequently, become more resilient. In his book The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, Dr. Amit Sood states that “Stress also weakens attention, worsens most medical conditions and hastens your escape from the present moment.” It is in this present moment that we have unlimited opportunity to lend a kind hand, word or even a look. Many of us hesitate to do these things because we feel like we have to do something big, such as volunteer every weekend at the soup kitchen or give a large sum of money to a charity. Although these are great things to do, let’s not let this hinder us from doing the things that are so-called mundane but meaningful, such as asking that newcomer in town to come over for dinner, talking to the elderly lady sitting at the bus stop, smiling and saying thank you to the shuttle driver or simply writing a note of encouragement to a friend. We live busy lives, but are we too busy preparing and worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet? All it takes is intentionality to be present in the moment, to pause and recognize other people around you and ask yourself, “what can I do to make this moment even greater?” If we are focusing on the people around us, we won’t have as much time to focus on our own worries and, as a result, our bodies will thank us for the mood booster.

If we could challenge ourselves to do one of these acts once a week, how much better would our community and society be? Imagine the possibilities and how it not only positively affects the receiver but probably the giver even more. Let’s commit to our overall health by making someone else’s day that much brighter! It can start a ripple effect that will add joy to all our lives.


Fri, Apr 14 9:16am · Summer Kick-Off Pool Party

When: Saturday, May 6

Time: 10 – 11am

Cost: Free!

Sign up online using the Member Portal or call 507-266-4688.

Come experience the water with our Summer Kick off pool party led by Amy, Megan M, and Kelly! You will laugh as you move through activities and circuits.  If you have never been to the pool, now is the perfect opportunity to jump right in!


Tue, Apr 11 12:38pm · Meet Lisa

With her friendly smile and can-do attitude, Lisa brings expertise and fun to our DAHLC staff. She previously worked as a health coach  and fitness instructor in Tampa, Florida before settling down here in the Rochester area.

When she’s not working, you can find Lisa spending time with her husband and goldendoodle on their farm. She also enjoys being outdoors, spending time in the garden, cooking, camping and cozying up with a good book.

Don’t let her sweet personality fool you though in her training sessions and classes as she will challenge you to push yourself to achieve your best results!

Wed, Mar 8 11:23am · March at Club Kids

March is here and that means SPRING is in the air! Club Kids has lots of exciting activities planned for this month to kick off spring.

March 6-11: Join us the week of the 6-11 as we learn and explore weather. We will be making weather charts, talking about the differences in weather and learning what kind of weather we all like the best.

March 13-17: The following week will be our St. Patrick’s Day fun week full of crafts for the holiday, silly exercises and books about St Patrick’s day.

March 20-25: We will kick off the official start of spring the week of the 20-25 with spring crafts, sensory play and many more exciting things.

March 27-31:  We will wrap up the month with caterpillars and butterflies. There will be many neat crafts, books and we will learn how a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly.

Mom & Dad come get in an amazing workout while the kids have a blast playing, crafting, learning, reading, and  exercising themselves! If you haven’t seen or heard yet, starting APRIL 1, Club Kids will have monthly and quarterly options for payment. Those options are:

  • $60/child/quarter
  • $20/child/month

We are very excited to offer these new options for you and can’t wait to see you all!

Fri, Feb 24 1:07pm · 30-Minute Cardio Workout

Want to get in a quick, 30-minute cardio workout? Try this one! Perform each set of exercises for 60 seconds continuously. Then, after the Forearm plank hold, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat the workout 4 more times. Reminder to start with a 5-minute warm up and end with a 5-minute cool down. Click here for more workouts.

Dec 9, 2016 · DAHLC Gift Guide!

Tis’ the season for shopping and giving! Check out our DAHLC gift guide for ideas on quality merchandise to make your loved ones smile this holiday season. Give the gift of healthy living!