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What is Yoga? Which class is right for me?

By The DAHLC @dahlcsocialmedia
Stephanie, Yoga Instructor

Stephanie, Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a process of stretching, balancing and strengthening using the connection of breath, mind, and body.  The word “Yoga” simply means “union”.  Finding your class will greatly depend on your physical strengths, as well as limitations.  We feel very confident that we have the right class for you.  We want you to succeed and feel supported, so please feel free to ask any of our yoga instructors for help in finding the right fit for you.

We've made it easy for you to meet your unique wellness needs and fitness goals by offering six customized yoga classes:

  • Adaptive Yoga - a gentle, chair-assisted class accommodating the unique needs of all participants. Accessible to all fitness and experience levels.
  • Essential Yoga - builds a foundation for yoga practice in a wrist and shoulder-friendly environment. Movements flow from pose to pose using the breath.  Good for those new to yoga.
  • Experienced Yoga - moves the body from pose to pose with the breath, including balance work and core strengthening. Poses and sequences are beginner to intermediate.
  • Challenge Yoga - builds on an Experienced Yoga practice by developing a stronger sense of balance and flexibility while exploring intermediate poses.  Studio is heated.
  • Warm Yoga Fusion - this 60-minute class fuses classic Hot Yoga poses with flowing sequences. Shoulder and wrist friendly. Studio is heated.
  • Yoga Sculpt - incorporates a total body workout to sculpt the major muscle groups of the body using optional hand weights to align, lengthen, and add depth to yoga poses. Studio is heated

Within this quite of offerings, discover a place to start that's optimal for you and learn the next steps to advance your yoga practice.

Click here for current drop-in class offerings and descriptions.

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