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Feb 6, 2014 · Leave a Reply

Do you have personal trainers or someone who can set up a program?

By The DAHLC @dahlcsocialmedia

group training zoneWe would like to offer you the opportunity to work with a trainer within a small group setting.  Our staff hold a 4-year degree and a certification from a nationally accredited organization and will provide you training to help you reach your fitness goals.  You can expect to work out with others who are at your same fitness level, train functionally to help you gain strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, and challenge your balance, and gain support from the group setting.

To start training at the DAHLC, call the front desk for a free 30-minute Group Training Placement consultation.  Additionally, there is no cost to participate in group training.  Read More

DAHLC staff is not able to provide personal training services for our members at this time.  Additionally, members are not permitted to utilize the facility with an outside personal trainer.

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