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October 29th, 2015

2015 Turkey Earn & Burn!



The holidays are fast approaching and the DAHLC would like to invite you to join us for the Turkey Earn n' Burn!

If you want to get a great workout in before all of the turkey, casseroles and pie come your way, then join us on Wednesday, November 25 for the Turkey Earn! If you would like to get a workout in after you’ve indulged, then join us on Friday, November 27 for the Turkey Burn!

Each has two choices; choose from one of the two “Earn” options and/or one of the two “Burn” options:

Turkey Earn (11/25): CLIMB, CARVE and CONNECT

• 20 minute incline treadmill workout
• 20 minute cable class
• 20 minute Essential yoga class

Turkey Earn (11/25): PEDAL, PUSH and ROLL
• 20 minute cycle class
• 20 minute strength class
• 20 minute foam roll session

Turkey Burn (11/27): POWER, PILATES and PULL

• 20 minute Power 45 workout
• 20 minute Pilates core
• 20 minute rowing class

Turkey Burn (11/27): RUN, RESIST and REFRESH
• 20 minute Fluid motion class
• 20 minute Fluid sculpt class
• 20 minute Essential Yoga session

Fee of $10 is due upon registration and is non-transferrable. A minimum 24- hour advance notice of program start date required for a refund.

Direct questions to: or

Registration begins: November 2

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