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January 7th, 2015

Meet Anastasia


DAHLC Anastasia Group Fitness Staff-9432Anastasia is a Chicago native who originally taught dance and gymnastics and started teaching yoga soon after beginning her own practice.  She saw the combination of physical, mental, and spiritual attributes of a yoga practice offer a wellness package to students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels.  She’s found that it creates a dynamic sense of grounding in her own hectic life and wants to create the same for her students.

With a strong goal towards healthy living throughout the lifespan, she strives to make everyone in class feel challenged and successful, on and off the mat!

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Posted by @shikmic, Jul 11, 2016

I absolutely love her power sculpt class at Roca! I am bummed that I will missing it tonight. I took it before the holiday and I was hooked, after only one class!

Dani - Membership & Media Coordinator

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Posted by @daniv, Jul 11, 2016

That is so great to hear you enjoyed Anastasia as an instructor! Thank you for sharing!

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